3M 50051131497110 8210V Particulate Respirator, N95 with Cool Flow Valve (Pack of 10)

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3M cool flow valve
Adjustable nose clip
Disposable respirators


Classic respiratory protection just got cooler with the 3M particulate respirator 8201V, N95 with 3M cool flow Valve Particle mask 8210V. This NIOSH-approved disposable worker respirator helps provide reliable respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles, and is ideal for work settings involving heat, humidity, or longer periods of wear.The proprietary 3M cool flow Valve is designed for easy exhalation and reduces heat build-up inside the respirator to help keep the wearer more comfortable. Testing shows the atmosphere inside the 8210V respirator with a 3M cool flow Valve is on average 5.5F cooler than a similar respirator without the Valve. 10 per dispenser.