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Safe! Rope is pulled vertically.

Swappeg For Playground




It used to be there were so many people got fail down by peg which was projecting from ground.  But flepeg made rope was pulled vertically, so no body fail down since we started using flepeg.  Moreover, it can get so fast to install with impact wrench.  And it's made by strong materials, so it can be used for even asphalt ground.  It's definitely recommended to events' planning and management company.

Taikoh Sangyo Corporation
Taikoh Sangyo Corporation

We used to use fixtures for our soccer goal by using big hummer.  Every single time,  we played game, we needed to put away soccer goal.  And it was very hard work to put away peg and weight.  But once we started to use flepeg, it gets so much easier.  Flepeg which has never been seemed exist but at now of just first invented.

Hamamatsu Wada JFC
Hamamatsu Wada JFC

Every summer, we use tent as sunshade for children, and we need to put away end of the day.  Flepeg is very easy and fast to install and put away as well. Furthermore, it has very high strength. We can not use normal peg anymore!

Ryunoko kindergarten.
Ryunoko kindergarten.

We used to use normal peg for our soccer goal. It was very hard to pull out long scale pegs when the soccer goal was needed to move, and I almost got damege to my lower back. But after we have changed to Flepeg, it’s much more easier when it’s pulled out. I don’t have to be worry about hurting my back anymore.

East Wada Hamamatsu City Elementary School
East Wada Hamamatsu City Elementary School

We had been having trouble to find fixture for our aluminum soccer goal before. Becuase the weights were expensive and normal peg would hurt soccer goal. But finaly, I found flepeg, and it’s easy , having strong pull-out force and cheap.

Tenryu Hamamatsu City Elementary School
Tenryu Hamamatsu City Elementary School

We used to put 2 to 3 wegiths on soccer goal as fixture. But in order to make it more safer, we started use flepeg. It takes time to put it on hard ground but it’s very easy to pull out.

Ohhiradai high school
Sarah Petersonmanager



Flepeg invented in 2015 because of my son. He was belonging to soccer team. Every time they play soccer, they had to move soccer goal. They were always straggling with locking it.

Around the same time, it was on news that Japanese child was crushed to death under a soccer goal. It was very sad, and I could happen to any kids.

Since then I had started to think how can I lock the soccer goal in easy way and lock with high strength. This is the reason why I was absorbed in developing Flepeg.