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Flepeg 3 advantages

Fix Tightly

4 to 6 times stronger than conventional products, and it’s trustfully safe. (It’s not easy to pull out).

Easy to pull out

Even girls can put it in and pull it out with no effort.

Low cost in total

You can use just one flepeg instead of 4 normal peg. For example, it’s soccer goal. You can save time for installing. It’s fast when you use with impact driver.

“Flepeg (Flexible Peg)” is the screw type anchorage which consists of twisted axis and rotatable hook. Insert the Flepeg by turning to the right till 3cm from the ground. At the end, fix it with the wrench by hand. Pull-out force is 5 to 6 times more than the conventional peg. For uninstall, just turn it to the left. Very easy. Can be done by one hand. There are 3 types of tent Flepeg; Direct fixation to the pole/by rope/by weight.

How to use 2.

How to use 3.


For Soccer goal
Installing  Concrete ground
For Breakdown Lorry
For Dog Leads

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