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1972,  October



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Cutting and processing Hydraulic equipment parts, Transportation equipment parts, Instrumental parts and general machinery parts.

Comment from CEO

Flepeg invented in 2015 because of my son. He was belonging to soccer team. Every time they play soccer, they had to move soccer goal. They were always straggling with locking soccer goal. Around the same time, it was on news that Japanese child was crushed to death under a soccer goal. It was very sad, and I could happen to any kids. Since then I had started to think how can I lock the soccer goal in easy way and lock it with high strength. This is the reason why I was absorbed in developing Flepeg. .

How I get the development idea?

While I was developing flepeg, I got the idea from wine opener. The screw of wine opener’s shape makes it easy to insert to cork and holds it well when it pulls a cork. But the ground is different thing and depending on the place. The tent peg is a thing to stick into the ground even into the hard ground. So, the shape had to be like a nail at the same time. It was very hard process to find the best shape but flepeg was finally born, and it could be used for anyone very easily and hold with high strength.

Flepeg is handmade product. We are 30 years professional metal cut and polish processing company. We don't use mold and casting, so we can easily customized the product from small lot. Please contact us for any question or quotation.

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Extremely Hard To Pull Out
Safe Outdoor Event And Playground
Easy To Install

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